Horizon Europe Info Day Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4. June, 2024.

On June 4th, 2024 the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted the Horizon Europe Info Day. According to the Ministry, the event aimed to promote the Horizon Europe program, the largest program of the European Union for research and innovation, and to inform participants about the rules for submitting applications and the possibilities of cooperation between science and the business sector. The Horizon Europe project Stone monument ensembles and the climate change impact (STECCI) were prominently featured.

The project coordinator, Prof. Dr. Nusret Drešković emphasized the crucial role of Horizon Europe projects in driving innovation and collaboration across the continent. The project manager, Prof. Dr. Saida Ibragic detailed STECCI’s goals, progress, and anticipated scientific, technological, and socioeconomic impacts. The event underscored the project’s potential to drive significant advancements and its alignment with Horizon Europe’s mission to enhance research and development across the continent.