Work Packages

WP 1 UNSA Project management and coordination

Task 1.1 UNSA Project management and coordination M01
Task 1.2 UNSA Project Management Plan, Data Management Plan, and Quality Assurance Plan M01
Task 1.3 UNSA Meetings and Communication M01
Task 1.4 UNSA Ethics compliance M01
Task 1.5 UNSA Reporting M01
Task 1.6 UNSA Risk Mitigation M01

WP 2 UNSA Risk and vulnerability assessment based on climate scenarios

Task 2.1 UNSA Testing of available big climate database, compiling a long-term data record and the most contemporary datasets M02 Duration 5 months.
Task 2.2 UNSPMF Analysis and interpretation of climate database for the recent climate period M07 Duration 34 months
Task 2.3 UNSA Collection, analysis, and interpretation of data for air pollution impact M05 Duration 14 months.
Task 2.4 UNSPMF Climate change analysis and selected climate scenarios modeling M12 Duration 25 months.
Task 2.5 UNSA Correlation model development for the Preservation Guidelines M02 Duration 5 months.
Task 2.6 UNSA Development of conservation concepts and in situ conservation treatments on chosen stećci from necropolis in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia M07 Duration 24 months.

WP 3 UAA Condition assessment, monitoring, and conservation treatments on chosen stećci

Task 3.1 UAA and SPK Condition assessment of the reference group of stone monuments in Austria, Germany, France, and Malta M01 Duration 5 months
Task 3.2 UNSA On-site landscaping and archaeological work on the stećci sites in Bosnia and Task Herzegovina M02 Duration 9 months
Task 3.3 UAA and IMT Condition assessment of the focal group of stećci tombstones involved in the remedial conservation treatments 01 Duration 5 months
Task 3.4 UMAS Sensor materials for the outdoor monitoring of limestone surfaces M03 Duration 38 months
Task 3.5 UNSA Interdisciplinary workshop and knowledge spill-over on the enhanced application of analytical methods in conservation science M35 Duration 3 months
Task 3.6 UAA and UMAS Development of conservation concepts and in situ conservation treatments on chosen stećci from necropoles in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia M07 Duration 36 months.
Task 3.7 SPK and UAA Development of Preservation Guidelines

WP 4 HM Digitisation

Task 4.1 HM Acquisition of 3D models (all sites) M04 Duration 30 months
Task 4.2 HM and ZSI Educational Game Development M19 Duration 18 months
Task 4.3 HM and SPK Methodologies for low-cost digitization methods and what to scan protocol M16 Duration 24 months
Task 4.4 HM and ZSI Virtual tours M04 Duration 33 months

WP 5 ZSI Community-based impact strategies for sustainable stecci ecosystem

Task 5.1 ZSI, UNSA and UDG Social Innovation Labs – Methodology & Handbook M02 Duration 6 months
Task 5.2 UNSA Bringing STECCI Labs to life M08 Duration 14 months
Task 5.3 ZSI and UNSA, UDG, UMAS, UNSPMF Building capacities for stećci stakeholders M17 Duration 25 months
Task 5.4 UDG Embedding stećci in sustainable cultural tourism strategies M28 Duration 16 months

WP 6 UDG Economic values

Task 6.1 UDG and UAA, UMAS Requirements analysis and collecting economic inputs M04 Duration 33 months
Task 6.2 UDG Development of an economic model for assessment of stecci monitoring and preservation costs M28 Duration 9 months
Task 6.3 UDG and ZSI Valorisation and economic analysis for the development of Sustainable Stecci Tourism Strategy M10 Duration 20 months

WP 7 UNSPMF Dissemination, exploitation, and communication

Task 7.1 UNSPMF and UNSA Developing dissemination, exploitation and communication (DEC) plan M01 Duration 48 months
Task 7.2 UNSPMF and all Setting and updating of STECCI website M01 Duration 48 months
Task 7.3 UNSPMF and UNSA Project branding M02 Duration 46 months
Task 7.4 UNSPMF and UNSA, HM  Media communication and press releases M01 Duration 48 months
Task 7.5 UNSPMF and all Development, promotion, and logistics of the STECCI Platform M13 Duration 36 months
Task 7.6 UNSPMF and all Scientific conferences M24 Duration 25 months
Task 7.7 UNSPMF and all Open Science promotion M07 Duration 39 months
Task 7.8 UNSPMF and UNSA Policy Roundtables M12 Duration 48 months

WP 8 Ethics requirements M01 Duration 48 months

8.1 UNSA Ethics reviews