WP5 Kick-off UNSPMF Mramorje, Serbia, 5. June 2024.

The primary objective of the initial UNSPMF WP5 Kick-off workshop was to provide a comprehensive introduction to the mapped and targeted stakeholders. The World Café method was used to facilitate the identification of their needs, possible concerns, and inputs about the conservation, enhancement, and incorporation of the stećci into cultural heritage. This event took place on June 5th, 2024 at Vrelo restaurant in Perućac, Bajina Bašta. Throughout the workshop, the 44 participants from the academic QH cluster had the chance to become familiar with the fundamental aspects of the STECCI project and the primary missions of WP5. 

The workshop aimed to stimulate conversations about the importance of stećci as UNESCO World Heritage, their construction process, benefits to the local community, and the scientific influence of the STECCI project. A practical presentation of an ‘acid rains and limestones’ experiment was held on-site. The participants also directly took biological samples according to the STECCI Biological sampling protocol.