WP5 Kick-off UNSA Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 15. May 2024.

On May 15th, 2024, the University of Sarajevo (UNSA) successfully organized a workshop titled “UNSA Kick-off WP5 Workshop” at the Hotel Ibis Styles in Sarajevo. The workshop aimed to bring together representatives of the business sector, government authorities, education, and local communities to collectively discuss strategies for the protection and sustainable management of stone monument heritage.

The workshop brought together representatives of the so-called quadruple helix group, who actively participated in discussions on important topics related to the protection of stećci tombstones and the promotion of their sustainable preservation through integration into the concept of sustainable cultural tourism. Discussions at the workshop focused on identifying issues related to the protection of stećci and considering innovative strategies for their protection from the impacts of climate change, natural disasters, environmental pollution, and human activities.

The results of this very successful workshop will be crucial for further development within the STECCI project. Further research and the development of innovative and sustainable strategies for the protection of stone cultural-historical heritage are planned, aiming to ensure the long-term protection and preservation of this valuable cultural heritage from various threats.