Dr Sandra Tinaj UDG – STECCI Presented at the “Information Technologies 2024” Conference, Žabljak, Montenegro

The STECCI project was presented at the XXVIII international scientific and professional conference “Information Technologies 2024”

The STECCI project, titled “Stone Monument Ensembles and the Climate Change Impact”, was recently showcased at the “Information Technologies” international science and professional conference. This annual conference, celebrated its 28th iteration between February 21st and 24th, 2024, gathering around 200 national and international attendees. The event is highly esteemed within both the local and global communities for creating a multidisciplinary platform that connects university professors, associates, experts, and budding researchers in the field of information and communication technologies.

This year, the conference was held in Zabljak—a location that houses over 300 stecci, some of which are recognized within the STECCI project. The initiative’s activities were presented, highlighting the amalgamation of professional conservation expertise, advanced research tools, digital technologies, and contemporary social science approaches within conservation practices. The project’s primary objective is to devise innovative and sustainable strategies to safeguard cultural heritage from the adverse effects of climate change, including natural hazards, environmental pollution, and human-induced threats.

Moreover, a meeting was held with local stakeholders, community members, and representatives of the local tourism organization – Mrs. Vanjo Sarovic, Andjelo Andjelic, and Marija Andesilic. The aim was to foster engagement between the local government and the wider community in the project’s implementation. The conference was organized by: University of Montenegro – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Donja Gorica – Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies, IT Society Montenegro, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences, IEEE Association and IEEE Section for Serbia and Montenegro, with full the support of the company Chikom from Podgorica.