CA Task Force – Marija Milchin, Katharina Fuchs,  Farkas Pinter and Abdelrhman Fahmy on Site Hundskirche

Marija Milchin, Katharina Fuchs,  Farkas Pinter and Abdelrhman Fahmy on STECCI Condition Assessment “Hundskirche” (Austria)

WP3 STECCI Condition Assessment on Site Hundskirche

A four-member team from WP3 visited the so-called “Hundskirche” in Carinthia on April 18th and 19th, 2024, for the first condition assessment within the STECCI Project. The team consisted of Abdelrhman Fahmy (SPK), Katharina Fuchs (UAA), Marija Milchin (UAA), and Farkas Pinter (UAA). In the course of the STECCI Project, condition assessments on 14 sites in 8 countries are planned and divided into 2 Tasks (3.1. and 3.3).

The four condition assessments of Task 3.1 concern so-called reference sites situated outside the STECCI-regions. These sites are located in Malta, Germany, France, and the here-discussed “Hundskirche” in Austria. The “Hundskirche” is a rock formation in Carinthia (AT) that carries historically important carvings witnessing the spread of early Protestantism in the 16th century in Austria. The asset is connected to the bedrock and consists of compact dolomite.

The condition assessment encompassed visual inspection and a range of in-situ tests, such as gloss and color measurements, ultrasonic velocity, contact sponge, and Karsten tube tests. Additionally, RTI photography was used to capture detailed images of selected carvings, alongside brush-off tests. The team conducted decay and damage mapping and comprehensive mapping of all tests and analytical methods employed. Two samples were collected for further microscopical analyses.

Despite Carinthia showcasing its alpine character and greeting the team with a 15cm (!) snow cover, the condition assessment was very successful. Currently, the information gathered from the “Hundskirche” is being post-processed, and we are eagerly looking forward to the next condition assessment on Malta, where the team will be larger and the weather hopefully warmer!